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AXIS by NoteMachine: Connecting banks and their customers

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Welcome to AXIS, the white-label solution from NoteMachine. An all new cost-effective way to meet the needs of both, financial institutions and banking customers in this, the age of digital.


Cash still underpins the UK economy, used by over 11 million people each day.

However, nearly 50% of UK bank branches have closed since 2015, making cash and associated services less accessible than ever before.

With the Bank of England’s ongoing commitment to physical currency and cash in the high street, a future model for guaranteed cash access is now required.

Welcome to AXIS by NoteMachine, the cost-effective white label solution to the increasing requirements of the digital age.

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The new cost-effective way to meet the needs of both financial institutions and banking customers.

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Modern solutions for a changing market

With banks disappearing from the high street all over the country, with dwindling customer loyalty, there is a place for a new era in banking services.

Brand Awareness

Allowing banks to engage with their existing and potential customers, while raising awareness of their brand by reintroducing a physical banking presence in the community.

Connecting banks to their clients

Our end-to-end service provision allows our clients to deliver the customer experience they specify, as well as the service their customers demand.

Cash in the Community

Cash underpins the UK economy, being used by over 11 million people daily. However, nearly 50% of UK banks are now closed. Using AXIS by NoteMachine will keep cash in the community.