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ISO accreditation achieved


NoteMachine Customer Service Centre achieves ISO 9001 accreditation As part of its ongoing commitment to customer service NoteMachine is pleased to have achieved ISO certification for its Customer Service Centre ‘The Customer Service Centre is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year handling all aspects of customer service from maintenance and service issues, linking with our network of 52 qualified field service engineers, to cash replenishment through our in house cash in transit service. ‘The Service Centre works closely with our staff across the UK, to ensure we maintain the highest performing ATM network in the UK. Bernice Vaughan, Customer Service Centre Manger said ‘Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our Service Centre identifies current and future customer requirements to ensure we exceed expectations.

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Campaign for cash


Mr Navpreet Singh postmaster of Ogmore Vale Post Office applied for a cash machine with the Post Office but they could not give him a date for installation or guarantee that the site would be accepted. [divider] On a quest to provide the community with easy access to their cash Mr Singh started a ‘Campaign for Cash’ using the local press and social media. More than 400 people joined a facebook group campaigning to get Ogmore Vale Post Office a Free to Use cash machine. The Gazette supported Mr Singh and the local community in the quest by publishing the story ‘Post Office Campaign for Cash’. The nearest free to use, through the wall cash machine is over 5 miles away which is approximately a 10 minute drive. Mr Singh commented ‘Providing the local community with a cash machine was main my priority when taking over the running of the Post Office. I never considered how much extra revenue and footfall it would provide. Since installation the post office sales have increased by 15%. ‘NoteMachine have been brilliant to work with and I will be recommending them to others. The installation process was straight forward and the service I receive from my account manager is excellent.

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Honest high school pupil hands in £70.00


CCTV CAMERAS are normally used for crime-fighting – but thanks to a Press story they’ve helped identify and reward an honest Dunfermline schoolboy. Last month Dunfermline Press released a story of a pupil who had found £70 at NoteMachine cash machine at David Sands on St Andrew Street and promptly handed it in to store staff. The Good Samaritan’s identity remained a mystery but, after staff reviewed the store cameras, he has now been revealed as Craig Dawson (16), a fifth-year prefect at Dunfermline High. Craig, of Glen Artney Grove, had recently been given a cash card by his parents and spotted the money at the ATM. He said, “I was with some friends and was going to take some cash out. “When I got to the cash machine there was £70 sitting there. Somebody had probably forgotten to take it. “My friends asked what I was going to do with it and I said I was going to take it in. “It was not my money to take – it was somebody else’s hard-earned cash. “I told my parents about it when I got home but I didn’t think about it after that. “When my friend came up and said I was in the paper I was quite worried and thought, ‘Oh no, what have I done!’ but then he said it was about the money. “I was worried that maybe the person never got the money but I was happy to hear David Sands had sent it back to NoteMachine, who are trying to find whose it is.” David Sands store supervisor David Palmer, who had been on duty that day, had recognised Craig as a Dunfermline High pupil from the school uniform. This week Mr Palmer said, “There are not a lot of people who would have handed the money in – he could have got away with it. It was very honest of him.” David Sands rewarded Craig with a £20 voucher – which he admitted he had already spent on junk food – and NoteMachine gave him a £20 Odeon voucher, which will go towards The Avengers when it comes out later this year. Craig was also praised by Chris Connolly, NoteMachine programme manager, and Dunfermline High rector Brian Blanchflower. Mr Connolly said, “It’s really lovely to hear of a young person being so thoughtful in returning money found in an ATM. “What’s even more remarkable is that the young man didn’t even wait to see if his good deed would be recognised. “He’s a great example for everyone to follow.” Mr Blanchflower added, “In society at present there are many individuals who regularly and openly criticise teenagers about their behaviour, attitude and even honesty. “Craig is a shining example of one who breaks this stereotype. “For many people, children and adults, seeing £70 in cash sitting in a cash machine would be extremely tempting but Craig’s first instinct was to hand it in to be returned to its legal owner. “His peers and the staff at Dunfermline High School applaud Craig for his honesty. He is an example to us all.” Dunfermline Press

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April 2012 Customer Survey Winner


As you will be aware NoteMachine recently conducted a customer service survey. As a token of our appreciation we entered everyone who responded into a prize draw to win £150.00 of Marks and Spencers vouchers. At 1pm on Friday 19th April the prize draw took place and a winner was randomly chosen. We would like to extend our congratulations to Mr Himdocha of K D News, Prince Regents Lane, London. We would like to thank all that participated and look forward to more feedback in September’s Customer Survey.

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NoteMachine hits the big league


NoteMachine, the UK’s largest independent supplier of cash machines, has moved into the big time after being named in the UK’s top 100 fastest-growing businesses. [divider] NoteMachine cash machines can currently be found in high street locations, retail outlets, convenience stores and leisure outlets and one of the UK’s top four supermarket chains. NoteMachine is ranked at number 73 in the Sunday Times Track 100 list after seeing annual profits rise by almost 30 per cent in the past year. The list applies to enterprises formed after buy-outs and backed fully or substantially by private equity. Rutland Partners is the private equity provider and majority 80 per cent stakeholder in NoteMachine, which is led by executive chairman Peter McNamara. Other notable names in the top 100 list include estate agent Foxtons, lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur and clothing firm Jack Wills. NoteMachine supplies and manages more than 7,000 machines in supermarkets, shops and leisure outlets both in the UK and in Germany. It has a particularly strong presence in the convenience store sector. Members of the public withdraw more than £5 billion a year in cash from its machines in more than 150 million separate transactions and NoteMachine has recently opened a second cash centre in the London area to help service its customer base more efficiently. Peter McNamara said: “We are delighted to have had our achievements recognised in such a public way and that is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our team. “Our aim is to ensure we maintain our ranking. That means continuing to spell out the benefits for a wide variety of customers of using a third-party cash machine operator and ensuring that we deliver excellent customer service.” Independent research commissioned by the company shows that stores which offer cash withdrawal facilities will then receive more than £1 of every £10 back through their tills on average. The same research also showed that UK consumers are as wedded to the idea of having cash as ever. NoteMachine’s listing makes the Crickhowell, Powys-based firm the only one in the whole of Wales to make the top 100.

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Stonegate sign with NoteMachine


Pub and bar operator Stonegate has signed a deal with NoteMachine, the UK’s largest operator of cash machines, to supply cash machines into its estate. [divider] Stonegate Pub Company is one of the UK’s fastest-growing operators in this sector and has 560 pubs and bars across the UK. It operates a wide variety of formats – from high-street pubs and traditional country inns to local community pubs, student pubs and late-night bars and venues. Its portfolio includes brands such as Yates’s and the Slug and Lettuce. Dawn Vale, Head of Electronic Leisure at Stonegate, said the decision to award the supply contract to NoteMachine followed an extensive evaluation of a number of operators. “NoteMachine demonstrated the ability of offering a one-stop shop for all our needs and it was able to offer a very quick turnaround for installing new machines,” said Dawn. “Appointing NoteMachine to work alongside us and a second supplier demonstrates the teamwork and partnership approach adopted by both businesses. Providing cash machines in our bars and pubs strengthens the services we can offer to our customers and enables them to stay within the venue to safely collect their cash”. NoteMachine Senior National Account Manager Bernice Vaughan said: “We are delighted to expand our footprint into this national pub and club operator. We already operate successfully in a number of clubs and pubs and this agreement further demonstrates NoteMachine’s ability to meet customers’ requirements on a national basis.”

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Cash remains king across the UK


Having cash in your pocket remains a prime concern for people accross the UK. [divider] Almost seven out of ten people feel it is important to have cash in their wallets, pockets and purses, according to new, independent research commissioned by NoteMachine, the UK’s largest independent operator of cash machines. People are choosing cash over cards especially for buying everyday items and for a night out – with one in eight of us still using cash for the main weekly food shop. And in these tough economic times one in five respondents believes it is easier to manage their money if they withdraw it in notes from a cash dispenser. While the survey pinpointed high street banks as the most popular location for a cash machine, convenience stores now account for 16 per cent of transactions carried out this way. Those aged between 25 and 34 are most likely to use cash machines in such locations (18.5%) and this same age group is also most likely to visit a cash dispenser over the weekend. This research backs up what retailers are saying about the benefits of having cash machines on their premises. Convenience store operator John Perrett reckons that at least £1 of every £10 withdrawn comes straight back into his tills. The NoteMachine customer runs 13 Spar shops on the Isle of Wight through his Hunnyhill Stores Group and each has a cash machine. “Having a cash machine at the store certainly increases footfall and the chance of those customers spending in our shop,” said John. “On average about £1 in every ten comes back into our shops so having a cash machine also has a positive impact on our sales and any additional running costs are wiped out by the extra income we gain.” And the 29-strong Preston-based Spar operator Lawrence Hunt & Co has seen significant increases in transactions with its suite of NoteMachine installations. Finance director Francis Chaney said: “We have also seen quickly growing, significant transaction levels where completely new installations have taken place.” Peter McNamara, Executive Director of NoteMachine, said: “However much we might like to think we are moving towards a cashless society, this survey shows the opposite. This survey bears out our reliance on – and love for – having cash to hand. “Whereas at one time the cash machine only existed on the wall of the bank branch, they are now much more common, from corner shops to pubs and clubs. The numbers of machines is growing rapidly, too, giving even more choice to consumers. “That’s good news for the customer who has many more options on where to withdraw their money and it’s good for the people who run smaller shops. If people obtain cash from there, the chances are that they will use that cash to buy goods from the shop.” Independent research company OnePoll was commissioned by NoteMachine to contact 3,000 credit and debit card holders across the whole of the United Kingdom in one of the most extensive pieces of research conducted in this area. Among the other highlights are: • A generational difference with progressively more people preferring to carry cash as they get older • No widespread move towards contactless technology replacing money for smaller items • There is no set day for taking out cash – more than half the respondents simply withdraw money as and when they need it • Men are slightly more likely to carry cash than women • There are some marked regional differences. In the South-East of England, 76 per cent of people think having cash at hand is important, while in the North-West the figure is just 62 per cent. Participants were also given the chance to express opinions on why they carried cash. Convenience, particularly for small purchases and the ability to pay in places that did not accept cards topped the list. That included car parks and bus companies as well as charity collection tins. There was also a worry that conventional card technology might let people down by not working at a time when they needed it.

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Cashing in on in-store ATMs


Convenience store operator John Perrett is a fully signed-up member of the cash machine appreciation society – and not just because he reckons that at least £1 of every £10 withdrawn comes straight back into his tills. [divider] The NoteMachine customer runs a chain of 13 Spar shops through his Hunnyhill Stores Group; these are spread throughout the Isle of Wight and the cash dispensers are a mix of fully-managed, through-the-wall and merchant replenished devices. He is in no doubt about the benefits of having a cash machine – and it is not just about the additional spending he gets. “We have to provide a good service to our customers and one way of doing this is by having NoteMachine cash facilities at our stores. The Isle of Wight is very rural in parts and it can be many miles from where people live to their nearest bank branch, so providing this service helps build up goodwill,” said John. “The island has a permanent population of 150,000 people but that figure doubles during the busy summer months – and tourists and holidaymakers need cash too. “Having a cash machine at the store certainly increases footfall and the chance of those customers spending in our shop,” added John, whose policy is not to charge for cash withdrawals because he believes customers resent having to pay to get their money out. “On average about £1 in every ten comes back into our shops so having a cash machine also has a positive impact on our sales and any additional running costs are wiped out by the extra income we gain.” The stores are open every day between 6.30am and 10pm. At the busiest ones, NoteMachine carries out the replenishment regularly and ensures that the machines are never without cash. “NoteMachine has always provided good service,” he added. “They work hard to keep my machines full of cash and particularly so in the busy summer months.”

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Retailer banks on NoteMachine


One of the leading Spar convenience store operators in the north-west of England is cashing in after moving its entire cash machine service to NoteMachine. [divider] The number of transactions now going through the 29 stores that Preston-based Spar operator Lawrence Hunt & Co runs has risen significantly since it completed the installation of the new terminals. The decision to switch ATM supplier follows an in-depth evaluation of a number of different suppliers, including NoteMachine, the UK’s largest supplier of cash machines to the retail and leisure sectors. Lawrence Hunt Finance Director Francis Chaney said: “We have now been supplied with ATMs by NoteMachine for six months. During this time we have seen increases in our transaction levels where ATMs from other suppliers have been replaced. “We have also seen quickly growing, significant transaction levels where completely new installations have taken place. “From day one we have been extremely happy with the level of service we have received from both the customer service centre team and our account manager – nothing has ever been too much trouble, installation problems have been practically and quickly solved and the company always does precisely what it says it will do. “This has not been the case with all other ATM providers and is an extremely refreshing change.” NoteMachine Chief Operations Officer Nigel Constable said: “We are delighted that our ATMs have not only passed a stringent evaluation but are also now contributing to the success of the stores.”

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