NMpod & Virtual Assistant Services

Our fully integrated meet-and-greet visitor management system and personal mortgage pods automate common banking requests and digitise essential documents, helping us complete most transactions in a single session. With our secure face-to-face video software, we can connect our expert advisors with customers in-branch, off-site and on-the-move.

Get in touch
Don’t lose face. Our video meet-and-greet systems and virtual mortgage applications mean customers always have someone to speak to directly.

NMpod and Virtual Assistant Services Features

Virtual meet-and-greet
Smartphone-style experience
Staff always available via live link
Automated check-in using QR codes
Digitises the customer service journey
Fully customisable and brandable
Significantly reduces staffing costs
Installed in less than a day

Personal Mortgage Pods

Automated appointments and instant check-in
Secure disruption-free video calls
Call queueing and skills-based routing available
Records meetings and has the ability to patch in other users
Allows for virtual mortgage applications
Advisors always available via live link
Connects with customers in-branch, off-site and on-the-move
Digitizes content sharing, annotation and signature capture
Built for the cloud to improve agility

NMPods - Personal mortgage pods

NMPods - Personal mortgage pods
Size - H 2300mm / W 1359mm / L 2146mm
Weight - 100kg
Euro Lock - Internal thumb turn door lock for customer security
Fully ventilated - Mechanical supply-and-extract system is located within the pod roofsecurity
Acoustic insulation - Mineral fibre within the voids and internal acoustic felt adhesive lining to keep conversations private
Secure firewall traversal - Reliably extends video collaboration between advisors and customers
Virtual assistant - Virtual meet-and-greet system
Size - H 1480mm / W 605mm / D 155mm
Weight - 100kg
40” LED panel - Commercial-grade screen with projected capacitive touchscreen overlay for a smartphone feel.
Professional microphone - With directional pick up for clearer customer-client communication
Audio DSP - With echo cancellation for improved clarity
1080p USB camera - For high-definition video conferencing
Windows10 LTSB/64bit - Lighter and faster operating system with added virus protection