Physical Security Solutions

We take nothing more seriously than protecting our customers and their reputation. That’s why we invest heavily in the best security measures and countermeasures. Our armored cash-in-transit vehicles are fitted with CCTV systems with full-access tracking controls. Our front-line staff all hold Security Industry Authority qualifications. Our Engineering teams are continuously assessing ATM hardware for weaknesses and designing new products to counteract these. With a dedicated security team and a 24/7 monitoring service, we can also track assets in real-time. We work closely with Security agency intelligence so we always aware of the latest threats.

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Physical Based Solutions

Anti-Ram Raid Anchors, Plinths & Mounting Plates
Gas Protection Systems
Smoke Protection
Anti-Black Box And Jack-potting Devices
Shutter Protection Plates
ATM Safe Upgrades
Alarms & CCTV Solutions

Electronic Base Solutions

Anti-Skimming Protection
Anti-Cash Trapping Devices
Asset Tracking & Monitoring
EPP Compliance Including Block Encryption