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Covid-19 Update from NoteMachine

During these uncertain times, NoteMachine employees are working hard behind the scenes to ensure cash, through its network of cash machines, continues to be available to all across the UK.

Keeping our ATM sites running is paramount to the country and we have CIT operatives filling the ATMs, engineers servicing them, our helpdesk managing calls from the public as well as all the other departments that support them and the business.

Now at a time when bank branches have shut, people are relying on cash to budget and others are helping the most vulnerable to ensure they have food and groceries. NoteMachine staff continue to keep the ATM network available to all.

“The availability of cash is critical if you’re going to keep people able to buy food and groceries.”

Andy Cox is one of these employees responsible for the stocking of 2,500 Note Machine ATMs in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle and Carlisle.

Andy, 32, has a list of high-priority cash machines that are vulnerable to running out of cash and has reinforced measures to keep his staff healthy and on the road.

“You can’t stop the flow of cash,” he says.

“Our biggest fear is losing staff to poor hygiene, so gloves have been made mandatory and the lads all have hand sanitiser.”

All 66 drivers, security guards and IT staff who work for Cox are defined as key financial service workers whose work is crucial to keeping the economy going during the coronavirus lockdown.

They are working hard to keep the flow of cash in high-priority vulnerable areas as are their colleagues across the whole NoteMachine business.