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Fully-Managed ATM

You get all the benefits, we do all the hard work

A Fully-Managed NoteMachine ATM is the easiest service of all. You get a complete cash money provision for your customers, and we take care of everything – with no cost to you

Complete Service

Our fully-managed service includes a branded ATM with supporting Point of Sale (POS), a complete service and maintenance package, a 24-hr helpline, and automated cash monitoring and filling from our own in-house teams.

Just sit back and have peace of mind knowing the experts are managing your ATM for you and generating increased revenue. ​

Many businesses report a 10 to 15% increase in total turnover with a NoteMachine ATM!

An immediate benefit is that the ATM increased the store’s footfall and sales by 15%. NoteMachine has exceeded my expectations. The installation process was fast and seamless. The service they provide is faultless. Since installation the machine has never been out of cash or service. I am confident that NoteMachine will deal with any problems quickly in a professional manner. I would strongly recommend NoteMachine to anyone considering installing a cash machine in their premises.

Paul Cheema
Malcolm’s Store

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