How NoteMachine manages, repairs and sustains their ATMs

Ensuring the availability and reliability of banking automation equipment is critical for both efficient operation and to provide the highest levels of customer service. Regular maintenance, monitoring coupled with quick response to technical issues contribute to the sustainability of ATM services and customer loyalty.

NoteMachine provides nationwide support for over 18,000 ATMs and other banking automation equipment, covering many major brands.

ATM Maintenance Services

With 25 years’ of industry expertise, NoteMachine’s engineering experience and logistics network have been refined to support banking equipment, ensuring we deliver tailor-made services at competitive prices.

Our end-to-end ATM maintenance services give our clients industry-leading machine uptime –  averaging 99.5% – and unbeaten 90% first-time fix rates, regardless of make or model. We also have an ATM inventory of £5.5 million to ensure our engineers have immediate access to the required parts.

Our national maintenance team comprises a combined workforce of more than 300 technical field engineers, repair centre and warehouse staff providing 24/7 support across all major ATM brands, keeping equipment up and running. Specialist technical engineers work on the development, deployment and maintenance of ATMs, software systems and applications that are critical to business operations. They also have exclusive access to difficult-to-obtain parts, so they can always maintain ATMs to the same meticulous standard.

NoteMachine’s Remanufacturing Services

Refurbishment processes can extend the lifespan of ATM assets, reducing the need for costly replacements, whilst being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

By meticulously remanufacturing existing ATMs and their modules to original equipment manufacturer standards, or higher, NoteMachine’s in-house team of expert engineers produce fully-customisable and comprehensively-tested ATMs for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. 

Remanufactured ATMs can be obtained at up to 70% reductions as opposed to buying new, with no compromise on quality and reliability. All ATM parts and machines go through a strict, two-stage quality-control process involving the engineer building the ATM and an additional inspection engineer. As an extra check, each ATM is soak tested for a minimum of 24 hours before it’s dispatched. 

The ATMs are built and fully customised to each financial institution’s specification, incorporating performance, security products, software staging and branding options. Over 1,500 remanufactured ATMs are currently installed globally by NoteMachine, and we currently recondition more than 35 ATMs each month. 

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Like any electronic device, ATMs may experience technical problems and require repairs. Supporting more than 18,000 devices in the UK alone, NoteMachine has developed many techniques to reduce the ‘time-to-fix’ rates. Devices are installed to carry out remote activities; an integrated system allows all calls to be managed in real time; and engineers are equipped with in-house developed, advanced diagnostic software. 

NoteMachine’s focus is on constant improvement to parts reliability, and we carry out preventative maintenance to maximise the ‘mean-time-between-failure’ (MTBF) of the parts. 

Spare Parts and Inventory Services

Obsolescence is a significant concern when manufacturers stop supporting ATM models. NoteMachine’s spare parts and inventory services keep ATM assets working even after the manufacturers have stopped support, therefore avoiding obsolescence and costly replacements. 

Spare parts and inventory services start by identifying the critical components and parts required to maintain ATM functionality. NoteMachine’s experienced engineers have in-depth knowledge of ATM technology, and they understand the intricacies of different ATM models. They carefully assess the ATM model to determine the specific parts that may be prone to failure or obsolescence over time.

NoteMachine also has extensive parts inventories held strategically around the UK at our repair facilities, to minimise downtime should the required part not be held in stock or on an engineer’s vehicle. 

Asset Recovery, Secure Destruction and Recycling

When an ATM reaches end of life, it goes through a recycling process. NoteMachine processes between 50-250 secure items every month as standard, with destruction certification and full auditable tracking at each step of the process for every single device.

By following environmentally friendly practices and regulations, NoteMachine ensures that retired ATMs are disposed of securely and sustainably.


By implementing these important maintenance, remanufacturer and repair strategies, NoteMachine ensures that ATM assets continue to function effectively, even when manufacturers cease support. This approach minimises obsolescence risks, avoids expensive replacements and prolongs the lifespan of ATM machines, benefiting both financial institutions and their customers.

To find out more about NoteMachine’s many managed services, visit, or call us on 0800 068 9368.

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