International Payments

Our services takes us above and beyond other ATM installation companies.

eurochange and NoteMachine can accommodate all of your money transfer requirements with two international payment services; Quick Transfer and Western Union.

Quick Transfer is a fast, safe, secure and cost effective way of transferring funds of between £300 and £10,000 abroad, with no account needed. Ideal for one-off payments such as purchasing an item overseas, or for more regular payments such as bills like an overseas mortgage, Quick Transfer lets you transfer your funds in over 30 currencies to over 100 countries. There’s no fee to send money either and both eurochange and NoteMachine provide great exchange rates on your transfer too! Visit a eurochange or NoteMachine branch today to send your Quick Transfer (bringing with you valid ID, proof of address, and details of your recipients bank account).

Both eurochange and NoteMachine provide quick and easy money transfers in partnership with Western Union letting you transfer funds to over 200 countries or collect money sent to you from abroad. Visit a eurochange or NoteMachine branch today to send or collect your Western Union payment (bringing with you valid ID, the amount due to you and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) issued to the sender).

For more information about foreign exchange visit the eurochange website