NoteMachine Launches BankHive at RBR Branch Transformation 2022

At RBR Branch Transformation 2022, NoteMachine, the technology-first, financial services business that serves the banking sector, launches BankHive, the new cost-effective way to bring banking back to the consumer, whilst putting cash back into the community. If you are visiting RBR Branch Transformation 2022, you be able to learn more about BankHive on stand C4.

BankHive is a unique modular banking solution, supplied, installed and fully managed for financial institutions by NoteMachine. BankHive is a drop-down, plug-and-play, fully functional banking facility that can be located in any retail environment wherever the public needs banking services and access to cash.

BankHive solutions are modular, fully customisable and will meet the needs of both the financial institution and the customer and at the heart of every BankHive is a multi-bank deposit solution provided by Vocalink, utilising LIS5.

BankHive offers a menu of service options based individual needs, including:

  • Automated LIS5 deposit
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Business cash and bag drop deposit 
  • Coin dispense and deposit
  • Call centre and help desk
  • Automated reception and meet & greet
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Branch host to support banking personnel
  • Transaction processing
  • Cash management, monitoring, reconciliation, and delivery/collection
  • Engineering and call centre support 

Working with BankHive, financial institutions need only one point of contact when deploying banking hubs into the community. BankHive will identify the site location, design, build and deploy. Creating a BankHive, NoteMachine will provide the following services: 

Design and Build

  • Conceptualise and design a BankHive to your specific brief and needs 
  • Build, and fit out, based on final agreed location, build specification and budget
  • Deliver, install, commission and manage including staffing if required

Locate and Negotiate

  • Find potential sites within your chosen location parameters
  • Negotiate with landlords or property owners and agree terms
  • Manage all processes associated with leases, rates, and services


  • Manage the site, technology and people
  • Provide and support all technology and services
  • Develop solutions to meet the changing needs of both bank and customers

Want to learn more about what BankHive can deliver for you and your customers – contact us

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