NoteMachine introduces it’s Shine Initiative

The Shine Initiative – A new scheme that allows colleagues to recognise each other’s contributions towards the Brinks values.

Our people

People are NoteMachine’s most important asset, and a core element of our success. Starting life as a family-run business, NoteMachine still works incredibly hard to develop and maintain a committed, passionate team of people, which is why we offer our staff unparalleled support. Many of our senior managers have worked their way up through the business, which is testament to NoteMachine’s commitment to our people.

The Shine initiative

One of NoteMachine’s objectives is to ensure that every employee feels part of the business. The results of the latest engagement survey (the third one for NoteMachine and a first for Brink’s, globally) showed that reward and recognition was key to employees feeling valued.

NoteMachine established a monthly reward and recognition scheme in December 2023, the Shine Initiative, aligning the nomination options to the six Brink’s values. The process is very inclusive. It enables everyone from the business the opportunity to be nominated by their colleagues, and to recognise how they have really shone in terms of upholding the Brink’s values. It’s a powerful framework for people to demonstrate and uphold the values in their everyday behaviour.

Once the monthly nominations are collated, they are presented to the Executive team, each of whom act as an ambassador for the six values. It not only gives NoteMachine’s Execo a peer-to-peer ability to recognise and thank people for their hard work, but it also helps them understand at an operational day-to-day level who is doing what, where and when.

All nominations and winners for each value are communicated company-wide via email so that every employee understands why people are being recognised. The winner of each value receives a £50 Amazon gift voucher, giving every value equal merit. The gift voucher is really appreciated, but it’s more about a central engagement tool, recognising employee achievements across the organisation.

Every quarter, NoteMachine’s CEO, Steve Makaritis, will participate in a Team’s ‘meet and greet’ with all the winners over the quarter, to thank them personally and gain feedback on what’s happening in all areas of the business; this information can then be fed into the quarterly Town Hall meeting.

NoteMachine’s Shine scheme received over 100 nominations across all areas of the business in December and January. The scheme has gone down really well in the depots too, where the CIT drivers and Vault team feel represented, valued and encouraged to participate. Operations are a large part of NoteMachine’s business, and the Shine initiative is driving depots to recognise their teams, be it shift managers, team leaders, depot managers or CIT drivers.

Nomination examples

A vault operative at the Manchester cash centre was nominated under the integrity value, for being “an amazing member of staff and a prime example of what a NoteMachine employee should be. He is quick and efficient and gets his job done and then seeks to help others. He goes above and beyond every day and makes sure the dispatch of vans in the morning is done seamlessly. He truly is the perfect member of staff.”

A scheduling co-ordinator in the Branding and Installs team was recognised for his engagement. The nomination said, “They have been nominated as they are consistently engaging with our 32 installing companies to ensure that they are booked in and are kept in the loop with dates and times, ensuring that the ATM movement schedule runs smoothly.”

A CIT operative was recognised for diversity and inclusion, by “using humour as a way to involve people in the conversation. They make everyone feel welcome when they join the team. They wear their heart on their sleeve which makes them approachable and easy to talk to. When you need a smile put on your face, they are just the person.”

NoteMachine are looking to their employees for ideas on how to celebrate the first full year of the scheme in December 2024. The first few months have been a great success, and we are hopeful the scheme goes from strength to strength as the team at NoteMachine continues to demonstrate the core business behaviours and values.

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