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BankHive launches banking hubs for TSB in two new locations

BankHive goes live with two new BankHive TSB-branded hubs, known as ‘TSB pods’, in Wigan and Wood Green.

They are based in shopping centres and will be open seven days a week, providing the local community with face-to-face and automated banking services. The Wood Green location was chosen to give TSB a presence in a community where they do not have a branch, whilst Wigan was chosen to replace a former ‘bricks and mortar’ location. 

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BankHive launch of TSB Pod Wood Green

Summary of the BankHive solution:

  • BankHive is a modular, drop down, plug and play, bank-in-a-box solution, offering access to cash, multi-bank deposits, cash withdrawals and face-to-face banking services. 
  • We futureproof the relationship between banks and their customers, maintaining interface, bringing banking back into the community and ensuring access to cash is maintained for everyone.
  • BankHive is delivered by one supplier, designed, built, deployed and managed by NoteMachine, in a complete ‘turnkey package’ from design to deployment, which includes these seven steps: SOURCE, CREATE, BUILD, INNOVATE, INSTALL, MANAGE &  SUPPORT. 

How BankHive can help you

To learn more about what BankHive can deliver for you and your customers or to visit one of our hubs in person, contact [email protected]

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