How NoteMachine helps financial institutions deliver a seamless service

Since around 2017, banks have been following a digital strategy. They are looking to the future to see how they can reach their customer base in the most cost-effective way, yet with the broadest reach. Concentrating on a digital strategy means moving away from the use of paper-based product, identification and the use of cash by digitising that level of communication and banking interaction. 

However, in line with their digital strategy, financial institutions have realised that they still need to maintain a physical interface and relationships with their customer base. 

With banks disappearing from the high street all over the country and dwindling customer loyalty, there is a place for a new era in banking services. Financial institutions are looking for a suitable alternative for future banking, and as yet, none have found that ideal solution. That’s where NoteMachine comes in.

NoteMachine offers cash withdrawal and deposit services, providing 20% of all the cash in the UK, through the extensive ATM network, and the new, exciting product, BankHive. 

BankHive is a unique modular banking solution supplied, installed and fully managed for financial institutions by NoteMachine. BankHive is a drop-down, ‘plug-and-play’ fully functional banking facility that can be located almost anywhere that has high footfall and a requirement for banking services, such as retail parks, in shopping centres, on high streets and on railway station platforms. 

Banks recognise that they still need physical interaction with their customers to maintain a competitive advantage. While following a digital strategy, NoteMachine allows financial institutions to reduce any capital expenditure related to the physical assets and a physical presence, either with a BankHive hub or through their ATM network. 

Many ATM networks are ageing now and require upgrades or capital investment from the banks. NoteMachine can help reduce that ongoing outlay with regard to running costs and overheads and reduce the need to spend money on assets which have a finite life so that banks can make use of the full range of managed services and have their ATM networks managed for them. 

Through extensive operational systems and processing platforms, NoteMachine enables financial institutions to extend the asset life of their ATMs in the field, therefore leaving them with more capital to invest in digital services.

Our comprehensive suite of services 

NoteMachine’s ‘high-tech, high-touch’ approach gives financial institutions a seamless online and offline experience, keeping you in control of your operations. Whether you want us to design and refit a branch or entrust us to oversee the entire project, we can tailor our unparalleled range of solutions to ensure you’ll outperform the competition. And for further peace of mind, our quality accreditations include ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Safecontractor.

Our managed services include: 

  • Shopfitting services
  • Cash management
  • Security solutions
  • ATM hardware provisions
  • Installations, moves and changes
  • Project management
  • Service maintenance
  • Transaction processing
  • Service desk

About NoteMachine

Founded in 1978, NoteMachine is part of The Brink’s Company, a global leader in total cash management, route-based secure logistics and payment solutions. NoteMachine has one of the largest cash machine networks across the UK and is one of the leading ATM businesses in Europe. With over 9,500 cash machines in operation and more than 190 branches, we’re proud to say that every month, we process more than 29 million transactions at our ATMs.

NoteMachine provides end-to-end bank branch solutions for the financial institution market and retail sector. From blue chip organisations and shopping centres to supermarket chains and travel hubs, our mission is to make sure our customers make money through helping their customers access their cash.

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