How NoteMachine’s Security Services protect our customers’ assets, an interview with Clive Dodd & Deborah Lapworth

NoteMachine takes the protection of our customers, their assets and reputation very seriously, so we invest heavily in the most up-to-date physical and technological security protection measures.

Clive Dodd, NoteMachine’s Head of Security, and Deborah Lapworth, Security Support Manager, provide some valuable insight into NoteMachine’s Security Services. 

Clive, how long have you been with NoteMachine? 

I joined NoteMachine nine years ago, having previously worked in high security prisons for 25 years. I have been in the role of Head of Security for NoteMachine since April 2023, joining a very established, experienced team. My first position at NoteMachine was as a CIT (Cash in Transit) driver, then I became Cash Centre Manager at the Manchester cash centre, the largest cash centre within the business. As Cash Centre Manager, you are responsible for the entire physical security of the cash centre and its staff, and the sheer size of the Manchester cash centre gave me valuable experience into the complex logistical operations of a busy cash centre.

Deborah, how about you, when did you join NoteMachine?

I have been with NoteMachine for 12 years, when the Security team consisted of just two people! I am Security Support Manager for NoteMachine, but temporarily held the reins for the department until Clive joined. I predominantly deal with the ATM side of the business, in terms of all physical security measures, such as tracking devices and anti-ram raid anchors. When any ATM is installed, my role is to ensure that the physical security measures are in place.

Who else is in the Security team, and how do you operate on a day-to-day basis?

The team also consists of three regional security managers. The country is divided up into 3 regions, the North of England and Scotland, the Midlands, North East of England and Wales, and London, including the South of England. The Liverpool and Manchester areas have particularly high crime rate areas, which account for the majority of Cash In Transit attacks across the UK. 

The security team are based at Crickhowell in Wales which is the HQ of NoteMachine; there’s also a cash centre located on site. The security admin function operate from the Notemachine HQ performing a range of administrative duties and operational support roles.

In addition to physical security solutions we also provide procedural, dynamic and security intelligence support to the wider operation. NoteMachine works closely with SaferCash to promote reciprocal intelligence sharing with police forces and Security Agency partners nationwide. This assists in reducing the number of attacks on our ATM estate and cash in transit couriers.

We also provide comprehensive training and regular accreditation for CIT and vault staff. Any changes in procedure or current threats are communicated to operational managers to ensure that staff are briefed immediately.

What are the main challenges faced by the Security department?

ATM fraud is always a challenge as organised crime groups consistently develop methods to obtain money fraudulently from our network of ATM’s. There are always fraud attempts on ATMs, an ATM can be attacked very quickly and within as little as five minutes. Criminals are constantly evolving their methods of attack, so it’s our job to try and stay ahead of the game. We collaborate closely with the engineering teams who continuously assess ATM hardware for weaknesses and design new products to counteract threats.

We also work closely with the service desk and night desk, who always respond quickly and efficiently to attempted attacks. NoteMachine is responsible for protecting 9,000+ ATMs around the UK. The protection devices and physical security in place are only as good as the people who respond to them, and the service desk staff have successfully prevented some serious losses. 

Every new ATM now has a specialist tracker fitted, which can track where ATMs are if they are forcibly removed. The night desk in particular has had a lot of success in retrieving ATMs because they have the ability to monitor and track the ATMs in real time, 24/7. 

We speak to our suppliers on a regular basis, as technology continually evolves. We feel it’s a worthwhile investment to deal with companies who can support us and fulfil the best security measures for our customers. Our suppliers will attend site pre-installation to carry out a thorough review of the ATM and recommend which security measures and specific products are needed. 

NoteMachine will also stipulate minimum requirements, such as CCTV, gas and smoke detection, a tracker device or anti-ram raid equipment. We assess the site and location, assessing any previous attacks in that area. A tracking device can be retrospectively fitted to an established ATM if the need arises. It’s vital that our ATM estate is constantly monitored and assessed to maximise security and prevent attacks.

What about people security?

We are heavily involved with supporting CIT and ATM engineers. NoteMachine operates covert and overt surveillance, particularly in high risk areas. Our armoured CIT vehicles are fitted with CCTV systems with live tracking controls. Our frontline staff all hold Security Industry Authority (SIA) qualifications and receive regular training to mitigate against the latest threats and risks.

Deborah manages the deployment of the regional security managers who conduct a security risk assessment for all new sites to ensure that the security and safety of our staff and assets are protected at all times. 

What about your involvement with AXIS hubs?

Deborah also deals with the physical security for AXIS hubs, for example, arranging the installation of intruder alarms, CCTV and ensuring that day-to-day procedures are adhered to.

Since the Brinks acquisition, NoteMachine has gone from being the second largest independent ATM provider in the UK to being part of a global security company that services over 100 countries worldwide. Security for Brinks is considered as a top priority  with very complex security threats depending on the risks  in certain countries. Brinks has a set of security regulations that each country has to comply with It is  important to maintain high standards of security and compliance at all times. Compliance is measured by monthly security audits carried out bt the Notemachine security team.

There has been a lot of procedural changes for NoteMachine since the acquisition by Brinks in November 2022. These changes have been wholeheartedly embraced and are seen as a very positive move, to enhance the safety of our cash centres and ATM estate.

Can you highlight some of NoteMachine’s security service benefits?

  • Physical, real-time ATM tracking devices
  • Anti-ram raid anchors, plinths and mounting plates
  • Gas and smoke protection systems

  • Anti-black box and jackpotting devices
  • Shutter protection plates and locks 
  • ATM safe upgrades
  • Alarms and CCTV solutions

No day is ever the same in the Security department. Being aware of the latest threats, and proactively addressing them, gives our customers that added peace of mind.

Thank you both for this insight into Security Services at NoteMachine.

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