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What is AXIS by NoteMachine?

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Welcome to AXIS, the white-label solution from NoteMachine to meet the needs of both, financial institutions and banking customers in this, the age of digital.

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AXIS by NoteMachine

AXIS is a unique modular banking solution for banks and financial institutions.

Our AXIS pods are installed and fully managed for financial institutions by NoteMachine, an integrated, technology-first, financial services company that serves retail and corporate businesses and operates as a partner to many national financial institutions.

AXIS by NoteMachine is a drop-down, ‘plug-and-play’ fully functional facility that can be located almost anywhere, such as retail parks, in shopping centres, on high streets, on railway station platforms. In fact, wherever the public needs banking services and cash, AXIS is the solution.

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AXIS by NoteMachine can be placed in any retail space or environment, allowing financial institutions to cost-effectively offer a full range of financial services to the end consumer quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.

Our solutions are modular, fully customisable and will meet the needs of both the financial institution and the customer. Financial institutions are able to choose a single-branded bank branch or a shared branch with no minimum term commitment.

ATM network

AXIS pods are hosted via the NoteMachine in-house processing platform, supported by an existing ATM network and Vocalink, utilising the current connectivity to the issuer’s systems.  

This provides a quick route to market for banks and avoids time-consuming IT development projects.

Banking Infrastructure

NoteMachine provides the physical and technical infrastructure for AXIS, with an end-to-end service provision which delivers the customer experience you specify and that your customers demand.

AXIS by NoteMachine offers bespoke single-brand branches or shared branch facilities, which include:

  • A dedicated helpdesk and customer call centre
  • Customisable screens and functionality to meet financial institution branding
  • Automated meet and greet
  • Full cost transparency
  • An in-house processing platform that supports future functionality
  • Six cash distribution centres supporting branch coverage nationwide
  • Provision of all branch cash
  • Full cash-in-transit services
  • Greater transparency over cash demand and cash management costs

AXIS by NoteMachine offers:

  • Free access to cash for all customers of partner financial institutions
  • Future deposit options if a universal scheme can be adopted
  • Fully managed and joint-service operating models
  • Dedicated account managers, providing a single point of contact
  • In-house engineering, CIT, transaction processing and service centre support
  • LINK compliance and upgrades by NoteMachine
  • Management of reconciliations and disputes
  • Real-time portal and management information
  • Bespoke branding and advertising services

BankHive is available as an individual or shared modular banking solution:

AXIS by NoteMachine is available as an individual or shared modular banking solution:
Brandable, automated deposit solutions allow customers to deposit their cash without the need for staff

AXIS pods can also be deployed as part of a brandable, modular solution allowing operators to install a new bank branch quickly and professionally in high-footfall areas in days, rather than months

Utilising NoteMachine’s 9,500+ UK cash machines, including all of our Eurochange branches, financial institutions can allow customers to deposit their money without the need to operate a bank branch

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Full Facilities Management Capability

The services provided by the NoteMachine team combine product design, engineering, facilities management, building services and retail sector fit-out expertise, allowing us to customise an end-to-end suite of services to meet your project needs.

AXIS by NoteMachine is a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional bricks and mortar construction, providing a modern, adaptable solution where a retail presence can be created quickly and efficiently.

In this digital age customers still demand access to cash, the ability to deposit funds and the ability to speak directly to somebody face to face, which NoteMachine provide with our AXIS pods.

AXIS is an innovative product powered by NoteMachine technology. NoteMachine was founded in 1978 and evolved into an integrated, technology-first, financial services business serving both retail and banking markets. In 2022, NoteMachine was acquired by Brink’s Global.